Innovation for the real estate
industry through technology

App dedicated to ownersApartment kit

We develop apps to manage apartments in a simpler and sophisticated manner by leveraging a wide array of data. Based on regional information, such as the market rate of rents, population density or crime rates in the area, a proper level of rent can be calculated or consultation on trouble can be held in a chat format.

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Tools for tenantsDevelopment of IoT devices

To enhance the convenience and safety of tenants in their daily lives, we develop IoT devices. As part of an initiative to realize a smart life thanks to IoT, we supply apartments designed by TATERU Apartment, a service provided by our group company, with IoT devices by Robot Home.

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To realize a smart life in the future, we collaborate with multiple companies through partnerships that go beyond the boundaries of industries by leveraging the respective companies' technologies and services.

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